What are an estimate and proposal?

An estimate for a web development project is a simple document that outlines the work I will do to complete your site, along with an estimated cost range - the estimate. This is to give you an initial indicator of how much work is involved and what it will cost.

A proposal for a web development project is a document that outlines the project in more detail. It includes:

  • A binding agreement
  • A time-frame
  • Fixed cost estimate

The cost and amount of work is tied to our agreed understanding of what the end-product will be at that point in time. This takes the shape of all the information you have provided to me via email, in documents or in person. Furthermore, it is also based on any supporting documents I create for you such as a site-map, specification or clickable prototype.

We will discuss and work out as many details as possible in advance to ensure the proposal reflects the true amount of work and cost. Some times you may not know what you want until you see a working version and/or designs to visualise the site.

Usually the fixed cost estimate is the same as the final price to be paid. It may happen that you wish to change a feature while in development. This can result in less or more work. In either scenario I will let you know upfront and you can decide to proceed or not. I will never charge or invoice you for work without having your written permission to do so and will always discuss it with you upfront.