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I'm a web developer in London with 120+ completed web projects and 12+ years of web development experience.

Web app development
How I can support you with your Web application

  • Flexible costs to suit your budget starting at £10,000 + VAT
  • Agile approach with weekly progress reports
  • 4 weeks of FREE post launch support
  • One-to-one training in London
  • Direct email and phone support

Benefits of choosing a web application for your project

  • Single page application for fast interactions on and in between pages
  • Handle complex registration or booking systems
  • Integration with third party systems such as a CRMs, booking, stock or document systems
  • Automated testing to make it more resilient and less error prone
  • Optional payment integrations
  • Improve complex workflows involving multiple people
  • Separate application reduces business risk
  • React Web App with API back-end giving you a solid foundation

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Improving, maintaining & fixing nasty little bugs
Webb app maintenance & improvements

Need help with on-going development of your existing web application? I offer a simple rolling monthly maintenance package for small fixes and updates to your JavaScript/PHP application. If you have more complex changes you wish to make simply request an estimate.

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How, why, when and what?
Frequently asked questions

What is a web application?

A web application is different from a website. It is used day-to-day with a specific purpose in mind. You can think of it as a business tool with an emphasis on practicality, security, user experience and being robust.

An example would be a booking system that integrates with your calendar. A client can view time-slots, reserve a time and make payment. Both you and the client are notified. An invoice is automatically generated as PDF, attached and sent to the client.

What technologies do you use?

I build API based web applications. The API is built using either Symfony, Laravel or Drupal 8 depending on the use case. The front-end is a React Web App that offers intuitive transitions and gives the end-product a snappy feel.

What do I get with my web application?

Every project automatically comes with a sprint board to manage tasks, set up of your web application with your hosting provider, daily or weekly updates and optional support documents tailored to you. Additional services can include monthly maintenance.

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How much does a web application cost?

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on your requirements. This influences how much it will cost. Get in touch and I'll be happy to provide you with a rough estimate before we create a proposal.

I can provide you with a free estimate that will give you a rough range. I can send this to you within 24 hours. This needs to be followed up by a full proposal before work commences.

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Why should I choose a web application?

A CMS such as Drupal, Wordpress or Craft CMS are built for specific purposes. For example, editing and categorising large quantities of content, managing a blog content or handling many images.

When it comes to critical business workflows such as handling client data, processing documents and sending out emails - a web application can provide many more benefits and separate your website.

There are two main benefits I wish to highlight here.

The first benefit is not having your important day-to-day operations 'tied' to your website. Any issues with your website will impact your business. This means less flexibility and higher risk when it comes to updating or even replacing your website.

The second benefit is simple. Security. You can ring fence your application and restrict who has access to it just to give you an example. There are many other positive security and business benefits.

What‘s your experience with web applications?

Over the years, I have developed over 120 web projects.

My approach to a web applications is to keep it clean, quick and user friendly. I use the least amount of open source code as possible and custom code the rest to ensure it‘s specific, uncoupled, fast and easy to maintain.

I use tools such as GIT for versioning and SASS for quick, consistent front-end development. For added confidence I write unit and functional tests where applicable.

This only skims the surface of how I work and my experience with web applications. To find out more get in touch.

How does payment work?

The time and cost of a project is estimated upfront. To secure my availability I ask for a deposit of 30%. The rest is invoiced in two installments during the project. For large projects I am happy to provide flexible payment options and financing.

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