• Comic Relief

    Contract Web Developer

    Website:Sport Relief 2012 & 2014
    Company:Comic Relief
    Time:Oct. 2011 — May 2012
    Time:Aug. 2013 — Present
    Description:2012 & 2014 Sport Relief Campaign
    Responsible for building key aspects of the Sport Relief campaign websites.
  • Tilera

    Design, Development and Consultation

    Company:Tilera Corp., United States
    Specifications:HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
    Description:A website needed to be designed that positions Tilera as a serious contender in the multicore processor market. The project included project management, design, development, consultation and implementation.
  • MySnowparks

    Design, Development and Consultation

    Company:MySnowparks APS, Denmark
    Description:This is a joint partnership with Troels F., Danish Freestyle Champion Skier. I am responsible for project management, design, development and implementation.
  • Copal

    Design, Development and Consultation

    Company:Copal Ltd., India
    Specifications:HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
    Description:A new website was required that positions Copal as the leading authority on Indian Art.
  • Marknet

    Design, Development and Consultation

    Company:Marknet Technology Pty. Ltd., Australia
    Specifications:HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
    Description:Marknet, a mobile computing support services based in Australia, required a flexible and powerful system to handle all client service requests.
  • Precinct

    Full-time Web Developer

    Company:Precinct, Australia
    When:August 2008 – November 2009
    Clients include: Bluestar Print Group, First State, IAG, Lend Lease, Norfolk and Photon Group
    Description:My responsibilities included the development and production of high-end, online financial reports and websites.

What clients say

Comic Relief, UK

“Jeremy distinguished himself by consistently producing high quality work. He is proactive and forthcoming with ideas and suggestions for improving projects. Jeremy has also made positive contributions to team knowledge and process.”
Faye W.,
Digital P.M., Comic Relief

eCards Media, UK

“Jeremy is a very skilled and able web developer and designer. … He is an asset to any company and I am happy to give my full recommendation to anyone…”
Sam Heaton,
Managing Director of eCards.co.uk

Copal Art, India

“His project management and execution skills are impeccable. I plan on continuing this relationship for Copal’s other web related projects too.”
Nikhil Khandelwal,
Copal Art P. Ltd.

Precinct, Australia

“Jeremy was an immediate stand out during our interviews – someone with the right talent and most importantly the right attitude.”
Ross Dougan,
Design Services Director at Precinct