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Building bespoke Drupal websites and offering Drupal maintenance and support for over 12 years.

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How I can support you with your Drupal website

  • Flexible costs to suit your budget
  • Support for content heavy sites and multiple user roles
  • Tailored, pre-launch Drupal SEO recommendations report
  • 4 weeks of FREE post launch support
  • Bespoke custom design supporting 4 screen sizes
  • Fine-grained permission system to meet staff requirements
  • Full site management area
  • Multi-language support
  • QA tested in latest browsers & on devices
  • Agile approach with weekly progress reports
  • One-to-one Drupal training in London
  • Direct email and phone support

My approach to Drupal is to keep it clean, quick and user friendly. I use as few modules as possible and custom code the rest to ensure it's specific, uncoupled, fast and easy to maintain. A well architected Drupal site is a solid foundation for your online presence, business processes and SEO.

Benefits of choosing Drupal as your CMS

  • Responsive websites that support multiple device & browser combinations
  • Secure and trusted open source framework
  • Drupal module & theme development
  • Drupal is made possible by a global community that you can tap in to at any time
  • Drupal is well known, so you will easily find knowledgeable developers or content editors for future work

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Improving, maintaining & fixing nasty little bugs
Drupal maintenance & improvements

Need help with on-going development of your existing Drupal website? I offer a simple rolling monthly maintenance package for small fixes and security updates. If you have more complex changes you wish to make simply request an estimate.

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Search Engine Optimisation
Drupal SEO

Development and marketing need to work in harmony in order to maximise your sites potential. The Drupal SEO Service includes proactive and effective recommendations specifically tailored to your website, for making it more search engine friendly, and for maximising ROI.

In addition, the service includes a monthly, easy to digest report that consolidates the performance of your website across all your online marketing channels.

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How, why, when and what?
Frequently asked questions

What do I get with my Drupal website?

Building a site is as much about the process as it as about the finished site. There are number of services you may want included with your website project, including hosting, maintaining and keeping your site secure to analysing traffic and knowing who your visitors are.

Every project automatically comes with a sprint board to manage tasks, set up of your site with your hosting provider, SEO optimisation, daily or weekly updates, optional support documents tailored to you and Google analytics setup. Additional services can include monthly maintenance, advanced SEO support and reporting and CRM integration.

Find out what you get with your Drupal website.

How much does a Drupal website cost?

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on your requirements. This influences how much it will cost. The starting cost for a Drupal website is £3,000 + VAT.

I can provide you with a free estimate that will give you a more accurate figure. I can send this to you within 24 hours. This is a rough range and needs to be followed up by a full proposal before work commences.

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Why should I choose Drupal?

Drupal is ideal for a small to medium size company which requires variety of sections and custom content. Furthermore, Drupal has thousands of contributed modules that provide you out of the box functionality which means it is very cost effective.

The major difference to other Open Source CMS's is that Drupal has a dedicated security team that finds and fixes security issues for Drupal and a selection of contributed modules. The other important aspect is that Drupal is widely used in the industry which means you will always be able to find a developer or company that can support you in the future.

What‘s your experience with Drupal?

Over the years, I have developed over 40 Drupal projects.

My approach to a Drupal website is to keep it clean, quick and user friendly. I use as few modules as possible and custom code the rest to ensure it‘s specific, uncoupled, fast and easy to maintain.

I use tools such as GIT for versioning and SASS for quick, consistent front-end development. For added confidence I write PHP unit or BDD tests where applicable.

This only skims the surface of how I work and my experience with Drupal. To find out more get in touch or checkout my skill summary.

How does payment work?

The time and cost of a project is estimated upfront. To secure my availability I ask for a deposit of 10%. The rest is invoiced in two installments during the project. For large projects I am happy to provide flexible payment options.

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