Some Background

I am a freelance web developer/designer based in London. With over eight years experience, a background in IT & passion for travelling I can bring a good mix of know-how and skills to the table.

My passion for web design began at the age of 14, developing and designing my school’s website and newspaper. Being able to combine technical knowledge and creativity to create something of value really enticed me. People liked so much what I do, I have been busy non-stop, crafting websites since 1999.

Solid Background - Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Growing up in Germany, I managed to become an apprentice for one of Europe’s largest telecommunications company — the Deutsche Telekom. I finished my training with above average grades as an IT Specialist in System Integration. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of the job, but I knew that my passion always lay in the web. The training gave me a fundamental understanding of the technology I wanted to work with. An excellent base for what I do now.

Mentoring - eCards Media, UK

After moving to England, being a British Citizen from my father’s side, I worked for a small start-up called eCards Media in Devon. This was a great place to work. It helped me to develop and bring my skills to the next level. I gained invaluable experience working independently and driving new ideas. Most importantly, I was mentored by some of the best business men I have met. Through them I learned important business and sales skills that have stayed with me until today.

Business Strategy - Precinct, Australia

I decided to try something new and therefore went travelling to Australia. Here I got a job as a Web Developer for Sydney’s most prestigious Design Agency who are part of the renowned Photon Group. Precinct specialise in highly corporate financial reports and websites. Being the only developer there, I was able to independently work, introduce innovative solutions and thrive. It was a great place to be and learn not just about development, but typography, great design, high standards, work ethics and business strategy.

Going Freelance

Throughout all of this time I have always worked on online projects and could never stay away from it all. Going officially freelance was the best decision I have made in my career and it is very exciting for me. This brings me to where I am now and you reading this.

I have many clients around the globe, am based in London and love my work.

If you would like to work with me, please give me a call on 07704 100 009 or drop me an email.
I will be happy to help you out.